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The Human fate


Fate is built on our consciousness. If our consciousness is not developed, if we are greedy, if we have a lot of vices, this is called daviya, fate. Our attachments, our greed or some such weak mind does not allow a person to live better. This is also the moment of fate and in the horoscope it is described, that, let’s say: “He has a weak mind.” Suppose Jupiter in a bad position is a weak mind. This means that a person cannot make rational decisions. This means that he will always have to stay in the place where he is.

Many people cannot do business. Why? Because it is difficult. It seems: you take something – bought it, sold it (if not go into details). But that’s not the problem. The problem is that they lack determination. What is determination? Determination is the power of Mars. That is, each planet gives you strength, gives you the right to use this psychic power. And this psychic power is very well displayed on the hands — on the fingers, on the lines, and so on. In the horoscope of a person it is shown in the form of points. There is an expression: bala – power. The limits in which you can change your destiny.

There are two kinds of thinking. One kind of thinking is to blame the stars. This means that a person does not want to change, misunderstands astrology. The stars only show on your character, on your potential possibilities – what you wanted and what you didn’t want. Here is what they show. And the second type of astrology is astrology that says you can change your destiny. You can, but within the framework. There are certain limits. What is a frame? For example, if you were born in the city of Moscow and in a poor family, this means that it will be harder for you to live, it will be difficult for you to get an education, it will be difficult for you to develop a business, because you have no initial capital, no help. Or you, was born somewhere in a dysfunctional family and ended up in an orphanage. This is already heavy karma. Another person is born, in Switzerland, in a rich aristocratic family, he already has a bank account. This means – get the best European education. And so on.

That is, if a person is born poor, this does not mean that he should hang his nose now, lower his hands: “That’s it! My stars are bad, I cannot do anything! ”No, astrology does not teach this. She says: if you have a low social position, what should you do? The sun is in a bad position, it means a low social position – you need to develop responsibility, you need to develop qualities of character that correspond to the sun. Note that all rich people have a sense of responsibility. They have a very sharp feeling. And they have the right to financial status and social status in society.That is, if even in your horoscope the Sun is in a bad position, you do not have to lose heart, you need to understand what you need to work on. It’s like a disease. If a person has a sick liver, it means that he needs to drink herbs that will treat the liver, and also stop eating fried food for the night and stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Can the liver be cured without following these rules? Not. In the same way, people say: “Hang me an amulet, give me some pebble and I will save my destiny. At the same time I will continue to live as I lived. ” Nothing will change. Stones give psychic strength, but if a person himself cannot change anything in his life or does not want to change anything, this will not help him. Just like ayurveda. A person wants, say, to lose weight. At the same time, it empties refrigerators at night. Is it possible No, It is Impossible. Therefore, astrology should not suffer fatalism. You must understand that the horoscope will help you solve problems, but you will solve them yourself. With the help of a competent astrologer. This is its essence.

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